How to Recognise a Good Kitchen Fitter?

If you’re building a new house, or remodelling an old one, you’re definitely going to realize that, at some point, you are going to need a good kitchen fitter in Essex in order to complete your kitchen. A good kitchen fitter can turn your kitchen into a beautiful and an effective room in which everything is right where it’s supposed to be, be it a top knife sharpener or a garbage disposal.

But, knowing how to recognize a good kitchen fitter does not come to everyone. In order to be able to recognize a good one, you’ll need to know a couple of things about them. That is why we have talked to one of the best kitchen fitters in Essex, and he told us a couple of things that will enable us to see if a kitchen fitter is really good at their work. Here’s what he told us.

Look for the book

Any good kitchen fitter out there is bound to have a book of his previous works. This books should contain pictures of his previous works, as well as the letters of his previous satisfied customers. This is how you know that a kitchen fitter is really good – you just take a look at his previous work, and decide if he’s doing a good job. Also, the letters of satisfied customers can’t hurt. He might also take you on a tour to visit the kitchens he’s been working on in the past, and such a kitchen fitter truly is a keeper.

Delivery Dates

Keep in mind that a good kitchen fitter needs to set a delivery date, and he needs to follow it. So, he needs to deliver the kitchen right on the date you’ve both agreed on. Of course, in order for the kitchen fitter to complete his work, you’ll probably have to deposit a sensible amount of money; just for the kitchen fitter to have something to work with.


Tell the kitchen fitter every you’ve envisaged for your future kitchen, and describe everything in detail to him. Tell him all of your ideas, whether that may be what type of Topsco worktop you are looking for or the type of kitchen layout you want, but keep in mind that a good kitchen fitter needs to have a couple of “counter-ideas” of his own that he ought to present to you. You see, these people know what works best for a kitchen, and every input he gives to you should be considered a quality information that should only improve your kitchen, not damage it in any way. Stay away from the kitchen fitters that don’t offer their opinion to you; they probably just want to get the job done and get out of there. A good kitchen fitter wants what’s best for you, and therefore isn’t afraid of telling you how things are, and you, as a customer, should listen to what he has to say and consider it a professional opinion.

Now you know how to recognize a quality kitchen fitter. You just have to find the things mentioned here in a kitchen fitter, and you can be sure that you’ve find a good one who is going to complete the job professionally and without any hitches.

Transforming Your Kitchen Using Acrylic Perspex Door Fronts

There’s not much more expensive than having a kitchen fully refurbished. While you might be eager to redesign your kitchen most people simply can’t afford the expense of it. Acrylic kitchen door fronts provide people with an easy and affordable solution to making their kitchen look great for less. They can also be delivered to your door cut to the size of your kitchen door and ready to go.

Getting one of these cut-to-size kitchen door fronts is much cheaper and convenient than more traditional home improvement methods and they can really breathe new life into your kitchen. Best of all is that the kitchen is ready to go after just one hour.

The company that makes these wonderful acrylic Perspex door fronts is called Cut Plastic Sheeting. Their fronts are super easy to apply as the acrylics are supplied with double-sided tape. Just pull off the tape and apply the front. There are a few ways to go about applying this front.

The first is to completely remove the cupboard door or drawer in question and apply the acrylic safely on the floor. The other option is to use a straight-edge to stick the panel on and drill the holes for the handles through the acrylic in advance.

If you’re going to drill then you should use a 4mm drill bit and drill through the cupboard door from behind slowly until you breach the acrylic. Peel back the film enough so that you can get the handle back on and then peel the rest of the film off. Your kitchen cabinet has instantly been given a glossy and stylish colour you and your guests will love. Checkout SimplyPlastics Acrylic Sheet page where you can get cut to size plastic, easily ordered online.

The same applies to cupboard drawers and drawer fronts. All you need to do is remove the backing tape, and line everything up together. Don’t forget to drill through the inside, through the acrylic, so that you can safely reattach the handles.